About us

We founded Chef Grids™ with the simple belief that whether you are cooking for your family, or catering a large event, quality kitchen items and culinary tools can be the magic that binds together a pleasant culinary experience for all those involved. As culinary specialists, we found a disconnect within the kitchen industry that allowed home chefs and professionals alike to be inundated with subpar and novelty items that didn’t meet their needs. So, we committed ourselves to fixing that problem.

As experts in the culinary industry, we understand that the process of struggling to prepare delicious dishes doesn’t lend itself to inspiration in the kitchen. We've been there, and we know that it takes the right utensils to blend and combine the right ingredients in the right ways. And we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding and providing the best of those tools and gadgets to you.

In today’s fast-paced world we know that most people don’t even have the time to sit down to a proper meal with their loved ones anymore, let alone spend an entire day shopping for the best products. And that’s why at Chef Grids™. We have curated a collection of only the finest culinary utensils on the market in one easy to find location. And with our ever-expanding catalog of products, you’re sure to find several items that will make your life in the kitchen smooth and productive.

We also believe that you deserve the best customer service experience while you shop. That’s why we offer such a robust quality assurance program. We only sell products of the highest quality – each one is carefully chosen and has a tried-and-true reputation in the industry. It doesn’t matter if your specialty is throwing ingredients in a crockpot for your family or baking confectionary delights for a crowd, we have within our product inventory the tools of your trade.

And if you ever find yourself dissatisfied with a purchase you made with Chef Grids™, we’ve got you covered. We appreciate that sometimes things don’t serve the purposes you want them to. Most of the items we feature offer individual product warranties, and we’ll be happy to assist you with requesting warranty service. But we also offer a simple and easy returns process for you to replace your item or receive a refund. We pledge that your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop with us at Chef Grids™.

We know that in many ways, food serves to bring people together at home and in the community, so that’s why we place such a high emphasis on providing you with the best means of achieving that togetherness. We insist on high quality so that you have only the best tools to work with. We’re proud that you’ve chosen us to be a member of your community.

We want you to know that each of us at Chef Grids™, from our Procurement Specialists to our Customer Assistance Representatives, are personally committed to helping you maximize your potential in the kitchen. We are pleased that you’ve chosen us to help you feel inspired and artistic when preparing and serving the dishes you create.