Chef Grids Colorful Knife Set with Knife covers with peeler and protective glove

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Chef Grids 5 Colorful sharp knives 
that has a cutting-edge design, a colored knife set that is safe for food,
these rainbow colors makes the color coding during food preparation for a variety of tasks.
These premium knives set come with matching blade guards and non-slip cozy handles.

Knife set includes:
1 8” Red Chef Knife
1 8” Orange Bread Knife
1 8” Blue Slicing Knife
1 5” Green Utility Knife
1 3.5” Purple Paring Knife
1 Multi Peeler with 3 blades
1 single protective glove (1 Pc.) 

Stainless Steel
-The best knife set that are made of high quality blades. A corrosion and chemical resistant knife that is serrated and safe to use.
Flexible to Use
-Multicolored knives set with many purpose.
Luxurious Experience
-Designed to provide comfort with style while doing different culinary tasks
Vegetable Cutter
-An Elegant nine-inch razor-sharp blade cutter with built-in cutting board that is easy to use and saves a lot of time for chopping and slicing.
Easy to wash
-When blade gets stained, only wash with soap and water. Dishwasher safe.